Versatech’s proposed systems have been designed to be user-friendly and easy to maintain. When we install the equipment we demonstrate to our customers how to apply the basic maintenance the equipment requires and which they can carry out themselves.

Inclusive Service

Nonetheless, for greater convenience, we accompany our product offer and respective financial options with an inclusive service package, which covers you from first-year guarantee maintenance to full lease contract period or rental contract duration.

Maintenance Contracts

Aside from packaged offers, we also deliver quarterly maintenance on a yearly contract basis, which, though highly recommended, remain optional. A maintenance contract ensures that you have proper equipment running at all times. We know exactly how it works and what needs to be changed so we are in the best position to provide the best after sale service.

Extra Intervention

For cases that require intervention outside regular maintenance plans, our team of mobile technicians will promptly attend to any problem for diagnosis and necessary repairs. We have a constant stock of spare parts and we do our utmost to offer replacement within 24 hours.